Intelligent Automation for Manufacturing

Programme Background

Cognition and self-adaption are fundament functions to achieve the personalized products mass manufacturing. Traditional manufacturing technology cannot provide effective solution. While, AI and robotics technologies make it possible. Based on industrial data including the machine vision, positioning, force, and so on, the technologies enable the machine to aware, analyse, predict and make decisions for higher productivity and quality manufacturing automatically.

Research Focus

The research will focus on the development of novel solutions for automated visual inspection for increasing quality of part and production. This includes Artificial Intelligence algorithms for the detection of surface defects and geometric errors, as well as methods for AI-based quality prediction and root cause analysis. Furthermore, vision/imaging techniques are developed for interacting with the factory environment. The project for the automatic position of robotic systems enables and increases flexibility in production. Novel and intelligent handling and robotic systems are developed. These are a universal gripper for the food industry as well as intelligent robotics for the grinding and spraying in the rail train industry.