Supplier Registration

New Registration

For interesting parties for inclusion in FLAIR suppliers list, please download the registration form.

Please attach following documents with the registration form and submit the document to

1. A copy of valid Business Registration Certificate or equivalent documents

2. The relevant catalogues and descriptive literature of the goods/services (if any)

3. Company profile and annual report (if any)

4. Safety Management System Documents (e.g. Policy, Training Records, List of Procedures, Sample Procedures) (if any)

5. Certification of OHSAS 18001 or equivalent standard (if any)

6. Sustainability Policy e.g Green Procurement Policy (if any)

7. Any other related information (if any)

If you have any question, please send email to

Remark: FLAIR will notify the applicant the result after receiving the full set of required information within one month. FLAIR reserves the right to reject any application and will not provide any explanation to the externals. Suppliers who have not responded to any invitation for quotation/tender and have no transaction with FLAIR for three (3) consecutive years, they will automatically be removed from the Supplier List.